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2015 Photos

Trail-Way Speedway 2015 Banquet
Front Row, left to right: Dwight Leppo, Zach Eucalano, Isaac Sneeringer (2015 Champ), David Holbrook.
Back Row, left to right: Brad McClelland, Cody Fletcher, Seth Kearchner, Jeff Haligan, Denny Gross.

At Trail-way, 10th of 54 that raced in 2015
Central PA 358 Series: 35th of 76 that garnered points in 2015.

2014 Photos

Photo courtesy of Tony De Seta

2012 Photos

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Denny accepts his 2011 12th place in Series trophy for the All American Outlaws from
Series Promoter Daryl Winkler at the AAO Banquet in February 2012. 
Good result for only having a series ride during the second half of the season.


Photo courtesy of Barry Skelly
Our Maxim car only made it to two shows this year once it was completed. 
The first show, a July 19 Thursday night special at Lincoln, was a short night. 
The car didn't make  a single green flag lap of competition due to being taken out at the
start of our heat race.  A grossly errant move by the 5th place starter ahead of us resulted in
us going head-on into the inside guard rail across from the Starter's Stand.  The car needed a new front end.

It was back at Lincoln on September 1.  A good heat race run got us a fourth place transfer
finish to the feature.  We got the pole spot.  We were hooked up.  We led the first 14 laps - by a
large margin - even after two caution periods.  Heading into turn 3, the car made a sudden
abrupt right hand turn into the outside guard rail that resulted in several flips - one head-on through
the air into the 3rd turn concrete wall.  It may be too severely damaged to repair this time. 
As best as we can determine, the RR torsion arm broke beneath the torsion bar splines,
initiating the abrupt right hand turn.   

Photo courtesy of Barry Skelly
Our Stealth car was for Williams Grove.  We ran it once at Susquehanna also. 
It got bent twice also.  At Susquehanna, a spinning competitor in front of us tried to make
his spin a full 360 degrees . . . . and drove backwards straight into my front end.

I fixed that one on my frame machine.  It later got bent again in a front stretch melee at the start of a
Williams Grove feature.  In between all these bent frames, we've been fast as we got the setup dialed in. 
We just didn't get the results that show that, however.

Photo courtesy of Barry Skelly
This is our J&J car at Lincoln earlier in the season.   It sustained front end damage on a
feature restart when I was making an outside pass.  Another competitor decided to change lanes
in turn one and came up into me putting me into the wall.

This is the car that was slated to receive the 410 motor that was being prepared by A.E. Duffey.  
The motor didn't get finished in time for 2012 action. 

Photo courtesy of Barry Skelly
After repairs, the J&J returned to Lincoln with a slightly different scheme.  In one heat race,
the polesitter just wouldn't go when he entered turn 1.  As you can see, we ended up with
a damaged front wing.  In late August, while running 5th in the feature, someone's bad attempt
at a slide job off turn 2 resulted in my entire LF wheel assembly being ripped right off the spindle shaft. 
The spindle dug into the track and an abrupt left turn resulted in the front end being wedged
between the inside guard rails.  We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time way too often this season. 

Crash damage to the Maxim from the 7/19/12 incident at Lincoln

Photo courtesy of Cory Hubbard

Photos courtesy of WRT Speedwerx

2010 Photos

Photos courtesy of WRT Speedwerx - Carman

Photos courtesy of WRT Speedwerx - Bouder

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