August 2009

Been there.…past” that

Allen car no race 7/19 and 26 at Lincoln Speedway

Suffice it to say, the trailer (upset that it is now in top shape), has conspired with the truck. It died 7/19, not 250 yards from the pits, and w/ no time to recover, we scratched. Thanks to Mike(who has raced and still owns a micro sprinter), for towing trailer home. On 7/26, the “mother-trucker” was still giving us trouble, so decision was made to skip Lincoln race again in order to focus on next one.

#U1 car 7/26 race at Lincoln Speedway

Denny picked up a ride in Billy Heltzel's backup car, as he needed a green flag in any event to keep presence/points for the 01a. Finished 7th in heat, started 6th in consi, and felt like he could qualify. However, “after the green flag in turn 1, the #34 car punted me twice. First I jumped the cushion, 2nd punt damn near put me over the wall.” Denny gathered it, went back to about 13th, but came back to 8th. May have come back more, but motor started to shut down in the corners- maybe low on fuel. As a result, finished 9th. After he ran, the team offered Denny one of their cars to run if he put his motor in it.

Vehicle Status

01a Allen car- continues to be in race shape since 7/19 & we just fixed the transmission leak.

2 Stealth car- Dying to get some sponsor help so we can race against Dave Blaney, Kasey Kahne, and Tony Stewart at the Williams Grove Ollies 360 Challenge on 8/19. Imagine the bragging rights for us to say- “Denny crushed Tony Stewart !!!”


American Outlaw car- Owner may have a buyer for the #00, Denny will verify.

Truck- It’s a fuel problem that has been narrowed down to (hopefully) the switch valve at the dual fuel tanks. Should be ready for this weekend.


Upcoming events

8/2- 730pm- Allen car will race at Lincoln Speedway on KIDS NIGHT. Car is setup nicely, so come out! For details click:

8/9- 730pm- Allen car at Lincoln for Trail-Way/Lincoln Speedway Shoot-out. Should be a good night.

8/23- 730pm- Allen car should race at Lincoln on APEX FENCE NIGHT.

As always, any and all help is appreciated!!