July 2009 Newsletter

Been there.…past” that

All American Outlaw(#38)- 5/23 race at Selinsgrove Speedway rained out; may be rescheduled.

All American Outlaw race- 5/30 at Trailway Speedway- Heat- 3/2, Feature started and finished 3rd. Great run, just needed a few more horses under the hood.

All American Outlaw race- Trailway 6/26- Heat- 7/4, started 8th in feature, placed 4th.

Spangler 305/358 race at Port Royal- 6/27- members of DGM assisted Lee, Todd and crew. Todd won from 14th started position ion the 305 feature. Good starting position for the 358, DNF-overheating.

All American Outlaw race- Lincoln 6/28- Heat-3/8(got spun), started 17th in feature, car was good for top 5 finish, but Denny got spun by the 00 and could only get back to 10th.

Parts-Great deals on two chassis that are in great shape w/ various parts, should make debut next season. All front/top wings are painted and ready for racing and the tire gods just smiled on us as well.

Vehicle Status

2 Stealth car- The Stealth shall race again !!

Continuing to look for sponsors. Heads were port & polished and engine is almost back together. Denny would like to test car and get a few races in at Williams Grove.

American Outlaw car- in good repair and Denny continues to drive the tires off it!!

Trailer- Charlie is completing install of the new axles.

Upcoming events

Ongoing-Work continues on shop improvements, and repairs to car and trailer-lists are still posted.

7/17- Williams Grove/Lincoln/TW Shootout at TRAILWAY Speedway

730pm- American Outlaws, Thunder cars and more. Come cheer Denny on in the 38 car, for details click “schedule” at: http://www.trail-wayspeedway.com/trail_index.php

7/25- American Outlaws, micro-sprints and more at TRAILWAY Speedway

630pm- Denny will again drive the 38 car, for details click link above.

7/31- 410 and 358 Sprints at Williams Grove

8pm- Stealth car may debut, stay tuned. For details click: www.williamsgrove.com/

8/14- 410 and 358 Sprints Championship at Williams Grove

8pm- Stealth car may race. For details click above link.



Plenty to do as Denny still wants to race this season !!