June 2009

6/13 Results

American Outlaw Series Classic Car Race at TRAILWAY Speedway

The double 00 scored a 3rd place finish in the 4/26 make-up race, Congrats to Denny for a well fought race. He had a considerable lead until a dreaded caution allowed 2 cars to catch up.

The second feature saw them 3 & 4 wide into turn #1 and since physics always prevails, there was a multiple car crash which collected Denny. The car is banged up and needs considerable work. We had offered to do the repairs, but owner said have all the

suspension gauges and welding equip there. They also welcomed us to come down to assist some if we want.


DON’T FORGET TONIGHT - Rick’s Setup 101

Rick should be at the shop about 630p to setup the Allen car, explain his logic, and teach us how to set it up. This will definitely get us to the track quicker, not be one stage behind, and ultimately RACE BETTER !!

Changes and Upcoming events


6/21- Show for York County Transmissions has been postponed as Rick did not get a chance to set it up. Not a big deal as we have PLENTY of things to do, hope to see you at the shop before we ......

G O R A C I N G B O Y S & G I R L S !!!!

730pm- Allen car will race at Lincoln Speedway on LAWRENCE CHEVROLET NIGHT. Setups are getting better & better, promises to be a good night. For details click: http://www.lincolnspeedway.com/

6/28- Parade

930am- The Stealth car will be in the Shrewsbury Fireman’s Parade. Come by to show your support !!