January/February 2009

Been there.…past” that or Life in the Past Lane

26th Annual Dirt Trackin’ Show 1/23-25

The Stealth car looked great at the York Expo Center, especially since Jim displayed his picture of our feature win for all to see. A great opportunity to meet other teams, officials and fish for potential teaming/ ride prospects. Pix should be posted soon, keep an eye out-http://www.dirttrackinshow.com/

Denny has spoken with Randy Smith(#38), Billy Heltzel and Daryl Winkler about our possible involvement w/ their All American Outlaw cars- no decisions made as yet.

Sponsor/Advertiser search continues

Placed ad in the Jan 23 edition of Central Penn Business Journal, hoping to generate some new contacts.  Continuing to develop other leads as much as possible.  Still haven't resolved website maintenance, Joe received all access info but has not had time to devote- pursuing potential interested parties.


Made economical parts acquisitions at recent flea markets- front/top wings; conversion to direct mount front hubs/wheels, and other spares.

Vehicle Status

2 Stealth car- preparations continue for 2009- when we start depends mostly on $$. Motor will soon be delivered for port and polish of heads that is now legal after 2009 rule change.

2a or 01b ? Potential New car- Looking to get another chassis- talking w/Rick Horn about a 86/40 2001 Maxim kit or using parts on hand. Motor will get refreshed as well as port and polish of heads.

Dually and Trailer- Both getting new parts and regular maintenance.

Upcoming events

Now-Until ?

Work continues on shop improvements, and repairs to car, dually and trailer. There are lists showing what needs doing. Denny continues to do side jobs to fund the season.

MAY ?- York County Chamber Expo

Planning on participating with Milestones Communications- season start may be delayed until after.

Racing Schedules are posted- click the following: Lincoln: http://www.lincolnspeedway.com/ Williams Grove: www.williamsgrove.com/

There is still much to do, Please stop by and help out!!