December 2013

I'd like to express my pleasure of teaming up with Frankie Reisinger for the 2014 racing season. Along with Frankie, comes his daughter Ashley, wife Lori, and future...
son-in-law Aaron Leitzel. Now this is a racing family! Frankie brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to our effort.

I'm excited about the upcoming season - just need to catch up on all the work - and get all the remaining pieces of the puzzle in place. At this point, we're planning on moving the truck, trailer, some equipment and at least one car to Frankie's location. I'm working on the 2011 J&J purchased from Mike Barshinger/Cory Haas last winter.

As Frankie has a lot of 305 experience, this car will see 305 duty on a regular, weekly basis. Al Duffey has started building a 305 for us. We also have our J&J that we raced with the USAC Eastern Storm series last year, equipped with Al Duffey's 410 motor. We plan on doing that series again in 2014 and expect to do better.

We learned a lot last year and are making improvements. This car may also see some winged 410 duty, as Al picks and chooses its schedule. And we still have our Stealth car and two 358 motors by Randy Mckinley. We'll fit those races in at Williams Grove, or other dates, as time and funds permit.

Lee Spangler is hanging a new front clip on the Maxim car that was crashed while leading at Lincoln 9/1/12. Stan and me, along with Charlie, Jim, & Dean (as much as they can be around) will be doing fabrication, repairs and car construction from my shop. Frankie is a die-hard J&J believer - we'll convert all over as possible/practical to do so.

Oh, and every driver out there - don't forget to get your Crash Pad for 2014 if you haven't already; they're available from the 802 Solutions website at or one of our fine dealers listed on the website.