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Trail-Way Speedway 2015 BanquetFront Row, left to right: Dwight Leppo, Zach Eucalano, Isaac Sneeringer (2015 Champ), David Holbrook.Back Row, left to right: Brad McClelland, Cody Fletcher, Seth Kearchner, Jeff Haligan, Denny Gross.

At Trail-way, 10th of 54 that raced in 2015
Central PA 358 Series: 35th of 76 that garnered points in 2015.




Denny Gross has fond memories of going to local speedways with his family and dreaming of someday sitting behind the wheel of a racecar.  The drivers were his childhood heroes.   “I knew I wanted to drive racecars when I was 9 years old” he says proudly.  His opportunity came when he was 22 years old.  Although older than most drivers entering their first event, Denny also has shown more longevity than most.  >> read more